61 Days | Showtime: Sunday Nov 27, 8:45 PM [Closing Film]

İftarlık Gazoz / DIR: Yülksel Aksu / Turkey / 2016 / 115 min / Language: Turkish with English subtitles


Adem, living in a peaceful Aegean town with his family in 1970s Turkey, is a smart and hardworking boy. Trying to avoid wasting his summer break, he tells his family he wants to work with Soda man Cibar Kemal Usta (Turkish household name, Comedian Cem Yilmaz). After obtaining the permission with difficulty, Adem starts working as a soda jerker. It is the beginning of Ramadan and Adem gets offended by the words of the mosque’s imam regarding fasting; what’s more, Berna will be fasting too. He pledges to fast secretly even though his family won’t let him due to his young age. Yet in the Aegean summer heat, it is no small feat to fast while selling soda. Especially when the atonement for breaking a fast is 61 days, and Berna is holding a child’s fast! With hunger and thirst draining him, he starts to hallucinate!


CAST Cem Yılmaz, Berat Efe Parlar, Ümmü Putgül, Okan Avcı, Yılmaz Bayraktar, Macit Koper  SCR Yüksel Aksu DOP Mirsad Herovic PRD Muzaffer Yıldırım, Elif Dağdeviren, Yüksel Aksu PRD CMP NuLook, Edge, Tekefilm DST MARS Film

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