• Hakan Burcuoğlu
      Hakan BurcuoğluDirector

      A true cosmopolitan, Hakan lived in France, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, the USA and Montreal before moving to Vancouver in the hopes of realizing his film aspirations. After graduating from Montreal’s McGill University & a short-lived career as a marketing consultant, he followed his heart westward to pursue his dream of making movies. Following his completion of Vancouver Film School, he has worked in different capacities on Hollywood productions & independent films, including that of assistant director. As an independent filmmaker, he traveled to the 66th Cannes Film Festival in 2013 where his film“The Resting Room” was screened at the Short Film Corner. Dividing his time between North America and Europe, he continues to undertake various endeavors in the cinematic realm & is currently perfecting his latest script. Hakan’s passion & drive to expose the art house quality of Turkish Cinema to Vancouverites has brought the VTFF program to the high level that we are proud to showcase this year.

    • Linda Gallo
        Linda GalloCreative Director

        Exploring various artworks throughout her life from piano to painting, this Vancouver Interior Designer is inspired when combining two passions: travel & photography. Through the lens she finds an accessible means of creative expression, capturing special moments in time. Travelling to the Cannes Film Festival in 2013 further sparked her interest in Cinema. She is delighted to be a part of the VTFF Team.

      • Nihan Sevinç
          Nihan SevinçVTFF Committee

          Nihan’s work in Higher Education and Leadership Development helps her recognize “to be a human is to tell a story”. She is grateful that the VTFF brings the stories of her native land to her other home. Ever curious about the transformative power of arts, she is currently exploring movement and dance as a way to reconnect with the self and the others.

        • Efe Peker
            Efe PekerVTFF Committee

            Efe is a Vancouver-based writer and filmmaker. A PhD Candidate in Sociology (SFU) and in History (Sorbonne), he’s the co-author of a book on Turkey’s Gezi Park Protests of 2013, and the director of several short mockumentaries (in Turkish) at GBKE. As a cinema enthusiast, Efe is very excited to be a part of VTFF.