We are exhilarated to share with you Golden Horn Vancouver Turkish Film Festival’s (VTFF) new logo – A traditional Turkish kaftan, a lavishly decorated overdress comprised of the finest textiles, but more than anything, a fine work of art fashioned by the hands of a master artisan.

 Our kaftan however, is reimagined with a more modern, fragmented look. The separate segments constituting the whole not only represent the different cultures in Turkey coexisting in harmony, but also VTFF’s commitment to showcase the best Turkish Cinema has to offer – no matter what genre or form.

 The red segment signifies the endless love we harbor for cinema in our hearts and the evil eye that adorns the kaftan watches over us throughout our journey.

Hopefully, with your support, we’ll have many more Film Festivals to look forward to. Wish us luck for our Second Edition and please help promote VTFF by sharing our updates.

Many thanks to VTFF Creative Director Linda Gallo and Maria Goncharova for their hard work and creativity.